Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Girls' Morning Out"

Fashion expresses a person from head to toe and everything in between. On a sunday morning, my mother and I went on our “girls’ morning out”. We went to the nail salon. The nail technician asked what we wanted and directed us to the two seats available. Immediately, We gotten our nails started. “Design?” The man asked my mother. “No, french tip.” she replied. She always either gets cotton candy or french. “Why you always settle for something plain? Express yourself.” I said to her. “Yes, sure it expresses yourself but a woman and a man told me, it portrays something your not.” She said. “L-Like a nasty girl?” I asked. “Very much so.” She replied. I was stunned. And when the woman just got done with my last nail, I told her, “Take it all off. I don’t want my designs anymore.” She obviously seemed upset. I think she was so upset that she was talking about me when she was speaking in her first language. :D

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