Saturday, January 23, 2010

"That's Like, So Overrated." : The Do's and Dont's for 2010!


I know what you’re thinking, what is she laughing about? Well, I thought about what people wore back in 2009, and back in the last decade it has been. I thought about what people wore and some are bringing this same fashion into 2010 and it’s a DONT. Tell me things that you are tired to see what people are (still) wearing, and what is a DO or things that should be a DO to see in 2010 (in the comment box below). I’m eager to see what you all came up with. Since it’s a new year, it’s time for new look, don’t you think?

xOXo little fashion monsters.

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  1. I would like to start out of what I think is a DONT: first off I want to say, being undistinguished, ordinary, the same is something to leave in wasted the last 1+ year(s) of your life. At school, I see guys (and men!) wearing really baggy or tight jeans, the baggy clothes were in the 90’s, no to be specific, baggy clothes were since the 60’s. The skinny tight jeans isn’t working either, they wear big shoes with them and cut splits at the ends. Girls at my school who wear tarnished bamboo earrings, or jewelry. After awhile costume jewelry should be thrown out! It looks tacky. Excessive bangles and jewelry. It also looks tacky. Two different socks, that are visable. Just going out the house like you didnt check the mirror. I know this isnt related to the topic, but GIRLS who curse alot. It make you like a hoodrat with no home training. Speaking of hoodrat, I’m tired of girls exposing thier baby blue panties with a pink trim with your matching bra, it looks trashy. If you havent heard of Nicki Minaj, The “Harajuku Barbie” where girls try to be her clones. Clothes that bigger girls put on that doesnt look flattering or clothes that doesnt seem to be flattering on people period. And if you just so happen to walk out the house and people are laughing at you, make a self check, somethings wrong. DO: Being yourself, that will always be in fashion; Let out your inner beauty, Beautiful!!!